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I am a huge fan of podcasts; I think that they are the most accessible form of learning and entertainment available right now. You can listen to podcasts in the car, walking, on the train, around the house, etc. Considering there are almost an infinite number of podcasts available today, it can be difficult to choose which ones are really worth your time. One of my personal favorite podcasts is the Tim Ferriss Show. I personally am a big fan of Tim Ferriss, and he is someone that I was introduced to my dad. My dad recommended me to read The 4 Hour Work Week when I was younger, and a lot of what Tim Ferriss mentioned in the book really resonated with me.

Tim Ferriss seems to be an expert at many things, but one thing I have really taken away from his books and podcast has been the economy of motion. Tim Ferriss is a big believer in doing as much as possible with as little effort as necessary. He personally sited an example of work and how many things can be automated now, but it really applies to life as well now. While you do not have to live life trying to be as efficient as possible in every aspect, it is helpful to cut out unnecessary actions so that you have the most possible time to focus on things you really enjoy. If I have taken away just one thing from Tim Ferriss, I would say it is the importance of the Pareto Principle. Basically, there are certain things in life that have an extremely disproportionate impact on your life compared to the amount of time you spend on them. Once you figure out what these things are, you can adjust your life accordingly.

Of course, there are so many other things that I have learned from Ferriss. In his show, he often interviews remarkably successful and knowledgable people, and he can often get out unique information that they haven’t shared elsewhere. He is very skilled at asking questions to and constantly learning from these top performers, and he is someone I like to model myself on. No matter what industry or interests you may have, there is bound to be at least one episode that catches your interest. I would recommend giving it a listen, and see if his style matches your preference. His interviews are long-form though, so be prepared to listen to it for 2+ hours (although with 2x speed you can cut it down to an hour or so). Also, they are in my opinion definitely worth the time spent listening to them!

The Tim Ferriss Show Recommendation Rating: 5

1: Something worth checking out if you have time

2: Something that is a hit for some people, but not a must for everyone

3: Something worth prioritizing if interested

4: Something worth making time to check out

5: An absolute home run, worth going out of your way for

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