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Ballers is one of my favorite TV shows on HBO, but it is definitely not a show for everyone. However, for the specific audience that this was intended for (people who are interested in sports, in particular the NFL), it is a perfect show. The Rock plays the role of a former football player turned sports agent, Spencer Strasmore. The show also stars Denzel Washington’s son, John David Washington, as one of the main characters. Overall, the acting and production in the show is really great; however, just as a warning, there is a lot of profanity and action.

Throughout the five seasons of the show, it is interesting to see the development of all the characters, and it seems like a relatively accurate depiction of sports, entertainment, and the NFL. Even though plenty of scenes are exaggerated and over the top, the core scenes are well portrayed.

I would highly recommend watching this show if you have any interest in sports, if you want to learn more about the NFL, being a sports agent, or how the entertainment industry works. Furthermore, there are plenty of guest stars throughout the show, such as Odell Beckham Jr., Russell Brand, and many more. It is a combination of both a drama as well as a comedy, and it never really gets repetitive or boring throughout the show.

If you have HBO already, I would at least give the first couple episodes a try, and see if it is something you could watch for another 40+ episodes.

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