Top 15 Cities To Visit: No. 14: London, England

This is my own personal list of my 15 favorite cities in the world to visit. I have ranked them in 10 categories on a scale of 1-10: local cuisine, non-local food, public transportation, safety, scenery/beauty, history, price, cleanliness, tourist friendly, and walkability.

These are my own personal opinions, and I am sure that many people would disagree with the rankings. These are only cities that I have personally visited, so if your city is not on here, that may just mean I have not been yet.

Local Cuisine (how good the cities local cuisine/food was): 5/10

I would not go to London to try the local cuisine. Most of the local dishes are very similar to bar food, and include things like fish and chips, English breakfast, etc. It is nothing to write home about.

Non-Local Food (how good food from other places was): 9/10

On the other hand, food from other cuisines is very good in London. They have especially good Indian food, but also some other Asian cuisines as well. If you are looking for places to eat in London, I would definitely recommend trying at least one Indian restaurant.

Public Transportation (whether they had trains, subways, buses, etc. and how accessible they were): 7/10

London has the Tube (the subway) and buses around the city. The Tube is functional, but it is overcrowded, dirty, and not the most convenient. Also, it is very expensive compared to other cities public transportations. The taxi culture in London is also very big, but these are pricey as well.

Safety (how safe I feel the city is): 8/10

I would not say I felt completely safe in London, but it is mostly petty crime that you have to worry about. There are a lot of pickpockets and scammers throughout London, so watch out! Overall, I would say not to worry too much, but make sure you are aware of your belongings. 

Scenery/Beauty (how pretty/cool the sites and nature were to look at): 8/10

London is definitely a very nice-looking city. Although it is often rainy and cold there, if the sun is out, it is a pleasant place to be. There are a diverse set of buildings, as well as a good combination of suburban and urban areas.

History Monuments (how the city’s historical monuments are): 9/10

Considering England was THE superpower before the United States, there is a lot of history and culture within London. With attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Hyde Park, etc., there is definitely plenty to see within London.

Price (how expensive it was to visit the city, not including airfare (lower score means more expensive, higher score means good value)): 4/10

While not as expensive as Zurich, London is still a very expensive city. Starting with public transportation, the little fares start to add up. Also, hotels, food, and tourist attractions all make this a pricey trip. It is probably not the best city for those on a budget, but there are cheap options if you look for them.

Cleanliness (how clean the city was in general): 6/10

The streets of London are not particularly clean, and it is not the best kept city. Also, when looking at the Tube and other public spots, there is often a lot of trash/debris around. It is not terrible, but it is not the cleanest city in the world either.

Tourist Friendly (how accessible and accommodating the city is for tourists (mainly English speakers)): 10/10

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, so the locals are used to travellers. Furthermore, since English is the main language, it is one of the rare tourist destinations where language will be no issue at all.

Walkability (how easy it is to walk around the city): 8/10

London is pretty spread out, so it can be hard to go from place to place just by walking. Also, there are a lot of old streets, which can be hard on the knees. Still, the city is relatively flat, so it should not be too tiring to walk from place to place.

Conclusion: Personally, I think that London is a bit overrated. Many people say that London is one of their favorite cities in the world, and definitely one of their favorites in Europe. As it is in my top 15 cities list, it is a city I believe is worth visiting. However, it did not leave a super strong impression on me, and I think there are better cities to visit first.

I would recommend staying between 3-4 days to see all the sites and really get to know the city. According to this US News article, the best time to visit London is between March and May.

Total Score (Combined Score of all the categories): 74/100 

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