Best Board Games to Buy: Stratego

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During this quarantine, I have been playing a bunch of games. One of my favorites to play that you may not have heard of before is Stratego. Stratego is a board game version of capture the flag. I would say it also has some broad similarities to chess (but imagine that you knew where your opponents pieces were, but not what type of pieces they were). Another major difference is that you have the ability to set your pieces up however you want to at the beginning of the game (this allows for many different variations/strategies).

I think that playing a game without knowing your opponent’s opening strategy is an interesting variation. Stratego forces you to have a good memory because once the game starts, you will begin to learn some of your opponents pieces identities (it is a bit complicated to explain, but easy to understand when you play it). I think it is a good game to play repeatedly because you can try out different opening setups and in game moves.

If you are getting bored during quarantine and looking for a 2-person board game to play, I would recommend giving Stratego a chance.

Stratego Recommendation Rating: 4

1: Something worth checking out if you have time

2: Something that is a hit for some people, but not a must for everyone

3: Something worth prioritizing if interested

4: Something worth making time to check out

5: An absolute home run, worth going out of your way for


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