Top 15 Cities To Visit: Final List

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  1. Tokyo, Japan (95/100)
  2. Lisbon, Portugal (93/100)
  3. Singapore, Singapore (93/100)
  4. Seoul, South Korea (89/100)
  5. Hong Kong, China (89/100)
  6. Taipei, Taiwan (89/100)
  7. Copenhagen, Denmark (86/100)
  8. Amsterdam, Netherlands (86/100)
  9. Shanghai, China (86/100)
  10. Barcelona, Spain (84/100)
  11. Vienna, Austria (82/100)
  12. Honolulu, Hawaii (82/100)
  13. Rome, Italy (77/100)
  14. London, England (74/100)
  15. Zurich, Switzerland (73/100)

Honorable Mentions: New York City (New York), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Paris (France), Verbier (Switzerland)

This list was a fun exercise for me to reflect on my travel experiences, and try to rank my favorite cities in the world. It was more difficult than I thought it would be, and I tried to make it as subjective as possible. I included the 10 categories because I know that people have different things they value when visiting a city (some people value food very highly, others travel to see the scenery/historical places, and others want to meet people from all over the world). Therefore, it should not only be the total ranking that matters, but which cities have the highest scores in the categories you value.

Since I am American, it is hard for me to compare US cities to cities in other parts of the world. This is a major reason I believe only one US city made my list. In hindsight, I should have included New York City in this list, although I am not sure which city I should have taken out.


3 responses to “Top 15 Cities To Visit: Final List”

  1. we can agree to disagree on singapore being at #3


    1. You’re right it could probably be #2 🙂


  2. i still think hk > singapore


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