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The Motley Fool is a website I use to find stocks that I am interested in. I am not a professional stock trader, but I do enjoy spending a bit of time each day monitoring and investing in the stock market. I tend to stick with stocks I am personally interested in or whose business model interests me. Still, there are thousands of stocks out there, so obviously I cannot watch and monitor all of them. This is where the Motley Fool comes in.

The Motley Fool has writers monitoring different industries and writing up their recommendations for the upcoming days and weeks. The stock picks are not always correct (in fact they are likely wrong a lot), but they do give a good background and in-depth analysis of the stock. Rather than focusing on whether the stock pick turns out well or not, The Motley Fool writers do a good job about explaining why a certain stock may succeed or fail. Understanding the logic and reasoning behind investing in certain stocks might prove more valuable in the long run.

I think it is a great website to learn more about certain companies and industries; after you find some that you are intrigued by, you can do deeper research about whether you think it is something to worth investing in.

Finally, it is important to remember that The Motley Fool is only a resource to help compile potential interesting stocks, and not everything will be a guaranteed winner. If all their stocks were winners, they would not be sharing their picks with everyone.

Learning Website

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This is a blog for myself (and hopefully others) to keep track of all of the places, restaurants, books, movies, etc. that I do not want to forget. I am a college student who has lived in the US, Asia, and Europe for extended periods of time; I am very lucky to have had these experiences, and I want to share my recommendations with people interested in any of these locations.

NONE of these posts are advertisements. I do not have any discount codes or promotions for anything I write about; however, this should be considered a positive because it means that everything I write about reflects my true feelings. In order to keep this blog positive, my posts will only be recommendations for the things I enjoy the most in life. The topics will vary between whatever subjects I am interested in at a certain time, and I will have 1-2 new posts per day.

I wish I could have started this project earlier while some of my memories were fresher in my mind, but it is better late than never. I hope that other people will have the chance to visit or experience things that I write about, and I hope that people will have a similar taste in life to myself!

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