Sports Events I Want to See: The Masters

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Since this blog represents the things I enjoy the most and would recommend to others, I am going to write about the topic I love most in the world. While I do love to travel, eat, and learn new things, there is no hobby greater for me than watching sports. If you do not care about sports at all, feel free to skip all of these articles; if you do read them, hopefully you learn something about sports.

I do not intend for these upcoming blogs posts to make it sound like I am going through any sort of hardship because sports are cancelled; this current coronavirus situation is crazy, and people around the world are going through much worse things than not being able to watch sports. I am hoping everything can go back to normal as soon as possible, and I hope everyone stays safe in the meantime.


As it does for many other people, sports for me represents a break from reality, and it gives me something I can hope and cheer for. Whether you root for or against Lebron James, MLB, Real Madrid, Roger Federer, etc., all sports fans are missing the feeling of rooting for their players and teams.

I have never realized how much of my life involves sports until now. There has never been a time in my life that no major sports in any part of the world is going on. In March, major events such as March Madness, MLB Opening Day, and the NBA regular season were all shut down. While I completely understand why they needed to be shut down (and I completely agree with the decisions), this does not make me miss them any less. Annual traditions of mine such as filling out the March Madness brackets and doing fantasy baseball drafts were put on hold.

As I heard on ESPN recently, “major sporting events have become synonymous with time and a certain part of the year.” While other things may change in your life, sports normally represent the one constant you can count on. Since times are obviously not normal, I want to highlight the sporting events that I cannot wait to come back.

The Masters

Today, I want to start with the Masters. There are so many sports fans out there who consider golf to not be a sport, and definitely not something they would watch. Yet, The Masters is the one exception to this rule. It is one of golf’s 4 majors (the 4 biggest tournaments of the year), and the most prestigious of these select 4. To show how big it is, in 2019 (in which Tiger Woods made his legendary comeback), 21% of all US households with a TV were watching The Masters. This is an incredible number for any TV show, much less a golf tournament.

Normally, it is supposed to take place the second Sunday of every April (it would have been a couple of days ago); because of the situation though, it has been postponed this year until November. While even this date still may not be pushed back far enough, I can only hope the situation improves by then.

For those of you who have no interest in watching golf or sports, you should at least give The Masters a chance. It is the holy grail for golf fans; the course, Augusta National, is one of the most beautiful sites you will ever see, and the history of the tournament is unmatched. It also represents a look back in time, as it is the same exact course and location that golf legends such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer played decades ago.

If you are going to watch any golf tournament, this has to be it (it is always on CBS). While I would love to have the opportunity to go see it in person one day, right now, I am just hoping to see it on TV in November.


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