Masterclass to Watch: Daniel Negreanu (Poker)

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In a previous post, I recommended signing up for a subscription to Masterclass. If you did sign up or have an already existing subscription, I would recommend checking out the poker class by Daniel Negreanu. A lot of people think poker is just a whole lot of luck, but there is actually a lot of skill involved.

In his class, Negreanu talks about different aspects of poker; for example, he discusses how to read people’s body language and physical tells (which they likely do not even know they are exhibiting), the statistics and probability behind playing certain hands, and optimal bet sizing. This is just a small sample of many topics that Negreanu discusses throughout his 38 lessons.

I think the optimal viewer for this class would be someone who has an interest in poker (obviously); you do need to have at least some background and familiarity with the sport, but you do not have to be an expert. As you can read in this article with Negreanu, he is trying to bring poker to the mainstream and allow everyone to see a behind-the-scenes look at the mind of a poker player. One thing Negreanu does not do in the class though, is review how to play the game (the rules); therefore, you at least need some background knowledge on how to play poker.

I found this class incredibly useful, and as someone who has been playing a bunch of poker in quarantine, I think it really helped to improve my game. If you have been wanting to get better at poker, or just want to pick up some new tips, this would be a great way to learn from one of the best players in the game.

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