8 Relaxing Full Body Stretches (VeryWellFit)

Photo Credit: (https://www.verywellfit.com/relaxing-total-body-stretches-1231150)

Recently, I have been trying to stretch every day to increase my flexibility. I used to stretch a lot when I played tennis, but since then I have never really stretched (except as a quick warmup if I’m playing basketball or something).

However, I have realized how inflexible I have become, especially when I try to do stretching exercises such as touching my toes. While I used to be able to do this stretch easily, I can now only get 3/4 of the way down.

I have recently reincorporated stretching for several reasons: first, it feels good to stretch if you do it correctly; second, being more flexible will help me in sports such as spikeball and basketball; and third, I am trying to prevent potential muscle injuries.

This article by VeryWellFit has 8 great stretching exercises that are relatively easy and don’t take too long to do. I am sure that many people have heard of most of the exercises already, but if not, it is great to learn about how to properly stretch. Also, even if you already stretch on a daily basis, it is always great to refresh your memory.


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