How Tim Cook Made Apple His Own (Wall Street Journal)

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Apple is THE biggest company in the world, and it is currently valued at $1.9 trillion. However, while I am sure that everyone knows who Steve Jobs is, his successor Tim Cook may be less known to non-business people.

This recent article on the Wall Street Journal talks about Tim Cook, and how he has pulled off the seemingly improbable task of succeeding Steve Jobs. It is always difficult to follow a legend, but as the article details, in the time since Tim Cook became CEO of Apple, Apple has gone from a market cap of $348 billion to $1.9 trillion.

I thought this article was a fascinating read, and it is a great peek behind the curtain of Apple. Everyone knows Apple for its’ IPhones, Macs, and IPads, but not many people know what makes it successful and how it continues to innovate and remain on top.

This article was also great to read because it detailed Cook’s leadership style and personality. He is pretty much the complete opposite of Steve Jobs, yet his leadership style has succeeded because he did not try to copy Steve; he has really created his own path, and it has helped to change Apple for the better in many ways. I think this is a great lesson for life, as you should not try to follow someone else to succeed (especially if you are following someone great in his/her field, it will be hard to simply copy everything they did).

If you are interested in business or learning more about Apple, I would check out this article!


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