Movies: Honolulu Internation Film Festival (HIFF)

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HIFF, or the Honolulu Film Festival, is currently going on. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is taking place virtually. It is available on Roku and other streaming services, and it is $40 for an all access pass (until August 14th). There are 10 movies or so available, and most of them are movies from Asia.

I have already watched 2 Japanese movies, We Make Antiques: Kyoto Rendezvous and The First Supper.

Kyoto Rendezvous had the feel of Ocean’s 11 or similar US movies where the movie is about a big con job. In the movie, the “villain” is a guy who is making forgeries of expensive potteries and selling them at his museum. The whole movie is about exposing this con job, and the plan on how to best go about it.

The First Supper is a Japanese movie that takes place during a funeral party. At the party, different dishes are served because they represented some significant moment from the deceased’s life. I thought it was really well made, and the movie is not too confusing even though it often switches from the past and present.

Even if you are not interested in these film or Japanese films in general, I would still recommend out checking HIFF and see if there are any movies that look interesting. It is only available until August 14th, but be sure to check it out!


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