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Business Insider is a website for people interested in the latest stories within business, and it is similar to the Wall Street Journal. The difference is that it is only online, as there is no print version of Business Insider.

However, Business Insider also has a subscription service called Business Insider Prime. The price varies depending on the type of offer package you select, but one great deal you can get is for $29 if you are a student.

I have always seen articles on Business Insider Prime advertised on sites such as LinkedIn. They always seem really interesting, and I have wanted to read a lot of them. Still, until recently I didn’t subscribe to Business Insider Prime, so I couldn’t read them.

After subscribing and reading a lot of the articles available on BI Prime, I can say that I definitely would recommend it for $29/year. It can seem weird to pay for the news and well written articles, but for around 8 cents a day I think it is worth it. Similar to me recommending The Athletic for the best sports news, I think that high quality journalism is something that is worth spending money for (as long as it is not too expensive).

If you have any interest in stocks, jobs, or business, I would recommend thinking about getting a BI Prime subscription. The stories are really interesting, well-written, and a manageable reading length. I would definitely prefer reading BI Prime articles to random Google articles about business.


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This is a blog for myself (and hopefully others) to keep track of all of the places, restaurants, books, movies, etc. that I do not want to forget. I am a college student who has lived in the US, Asia, and Europe for extended periods of time; I am very lucky to have had these experiences, and I want to share my recommendations with people interested in any of these locations.

NONE of these posts are advertisements. I do not have any discount codes or promotions for anything I write about; however, this should be considered a positive because it means that everything I write about reflects my true feelings. In order to keep this blog positive, my posts will only be recommendations for the things I enjoy the most in life. The topics will vary between whatever subjects I am interested in at a certain time, and I will have 1-2 new posts per day.

I wish I could have started this project earlier while some of my memories were fresher in my mind, but it is better late than never. I hope that other people will have the chance to visit or experience things that I write about, and I hope that people will have a similar taste in life to myself!

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