The Best Restaurants You Have to Eat at in Honolulu

I thought it would be good to compile a list of all of my previous food recommendations for restaurants in Honolulu. I will continue to add to this list as I add more restaurants in Honolulu, but it is just an easy, condensed way to view all of my recommendations. Also, it is a good way to review any places that you might have missed along the way.

If you are curious about knowing in more detail about a certain restaurant, just click on the hyper-link to view my full recommendation.

I hope this list is useful to refer to as a guide, and I hope you can go to many places on the list when you are in Hawaii!


Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha: A great place for shave ice with natural, real fruit syrups

Shaka Shaka Tea Express: A popular boba shop that uses natural, real fruit syrups


Tamura’s: One of the best poke places on the island, as it also has king crab poke

Ono Steaks and Shrimp: Has some of the best garlic shrimp and fish tacos in Honolulu

Off The Hook Poke Market: One of my new favorite poke places, definitely try the spicy ahi


Junpuu: Be sure to try the char siu quesadillas

Nabeyo Maido: My favorite shabu shabu place on the island, definitely get the Paitan with Pork Belly

Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin: From Japan originally, they have great katsu curry

Do-Ne: A great bento takeout place, some of my favorites are the marinated fried chicken and pork with eggplant

Tonkatsu Tamafuji: Also originally from Japan, Tamafuji has great katsu, but a more limited selection than Ginza Bairin

Akira: A higher-end Japanese restaurant that has sushi and some great lunch specials

I-Naba: Specializes in fresh udon and soba, also has tempura and other Japanese dishes

Rinka: Similar to Akira, Rinka has a diverse menu; be sure to try their real-crab California Rolls


Moena Cafe: 100% be sure to try the Short Rib Loco Moco with Fried Rice


Broken Rice: Be sure to try the Crab Fried Rice and Shaken Beef

The Pig and the Lady: A higher end Vietnamese cuisine, it is more of a modern/fusion take on Vietnamese food


Shaloha Pita: The only Mediterranean restaurant I go to in Hawaii, they have Shawarama, Eggplant, and Schnitzel plates


La Cucina: A friend of a friend’s restaurant in Honolulu, La Cucina has great pastas and Osso Bucco (also it holds pretty well for takeout, even if eating there is better)

Bernini: A Japanese/Italian fusion restaurant that has unique pastas and great takeout specials (during COVID-19)

Rigo: A Spanish/Japanese fusion restaurant, but has a lot of Italian influence as well; be sure to try the chilled pasta with bok choy and scallops (sounds weird but it works!)


Chubbies Burgers: An affordable burger food truck that uses local beef from Kauai, be sure to get the El Rey Burger

Fine Dining:

3660 On the Rise: One of the best Asian-fusion restaurants in Honolulu; some of their best dishes include lobster wontons, surf&turf special

MW: A restaurant that has really supported local farms and producers during COVID-19, as well as having some incredible Asian-fusion dishes


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