Liu Cixin Writes Science Fiction (Wall Street Journal)

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As I have written in the past, The Three-Body Problem Series by Liu Cixin is one of my favorite book series of all time.

Recently, I came upon this article in the Wall Street Journal, which does a profile on Liu Cixin and discusses his prolific writing career. Although I have enjoyed reading his books, I do not know much about Liu Cixin himself, so I was curious about learning more about his personal beliefs/background.

In the profile, it discusses the inspiration of Liu’s writing. Many people and fan theories I have read suggest that his work is based on China-America relations, and this theory does seem to make sense; however, Liu disputes this notion and says that he is not trying to put any hidden messages within his writing.

Overall, Liu’s background as a Chinese science fiction writer is truly unique, and it is great to learn more about his career and his passions. He is a science fiction geek, and it seems like he is really dedicated to his craft. If you are a fan of the Three-Body Problem series or want to learn more about Liu Cixin, I would highly recommend giving this article a read (only 5 minutes or so!).


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