YouTube Videos: Lewis Hamilton: The Story so Far

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Lewis Hamilton is the best Formula 1 Driver in the world currently, and definitely in the conversation for the best of all time. He is basically the Formula 1 version of Messi, Lebron, and Tom Brady.

For those who have never heard of Formula 1 before, you should check out the Netflix series Drive to Survive that I previously recommended. If you are already a fan of F1 or Lewis Hamilton though, I think you will enjoy watching this YouTube video on him.

The video is only 10 minutes long or so, but it talks about Lewis Hamilton’s rise through the sport, all the way from a rookie driver to his current status. If you recently started watching F1, or just want to reminisce about Hamilton’s early driving days, this video is a must-watch.

Hamilton’s story is also inspiring because he has had to endure quite a few hardships to get where he is today. Unlike many drivers in F1, he does not come from a wealthy family. Instead, Hamilton’s father had to work multiple jobs to have enough money for Hamilton to pursue his racing career (you need money to pay for the carts and repairs when you are young). It is definitely a great story to learn more about, and it puts in perspective how much work Hamilton had to put into where he is today.

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