Best YouTube Channels to Watch: DyLighted – Catan

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As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my favorite board games to play is Settlers of Catan. It is just a really well-made and well-thought out game, and it provides for a lot of different strategy and potential outcomes.

Recently, I have discovered a YouTube channel called DyLighted – Catan. The channel is run by a Catan expert, and his tagline is “Learn Catan from a Regional Champion”. I am not sure what it takes to be a regional champion, but it seems to make him qualified to discuss Catan strategy and best practices.

I have only watched a couple videos of his so far, but the ones I have watched have been really insightful and helpful. In most of his videos, he will discuss where the best starting positions are; he gives really in depth analysis about why he thinks a certain spot is the best pick, or why spots may not play as well as they would look. It has been really helpful to learn how to best set up your game plan, and learn why certain setups are more favorable than others.

Even if you are just a casual Catan player, I think this channel would be really interesting to watch. It may seem a bit unnecessary to watch a Catan YouTube channel, but I think it can really help your game and make it more fun to play. It is always more fun to win, so I would recommend just watching a couple of videos to pick up some tips (videos can range from anywhere between 10-45 minutes)!

DyLighted Recommendation Rating: 3.5

1: Something worth checking out if you have time

2: Something that is a hit for some people, but not a must for everyone

3: Something worth prioritizing if interested

4: Something worth making time to check out

5: An absolute home run, worth going out of your way for


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