YouTube Video: Use Laziness to Your Advantage – The 20 Second Rule (Better than Yesterday)

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Better than Yesterday is a popular YouTube channel, and as its name implies, it is a channel to learn tips and techniques to help you be better than yesterday.

One of my personal favorite videos by the channel is the video titled Use Laziness to Your Advantage – The 20 Second Rule. I had heard the message of the video before, but it was a long time ago. Therefore, I had kind of forgotten about it, so it was good to hear again.

The main message of the video is that in order to build habits, you need to put the right structures and process into place. For example, many of us turn to TV as something to do when we are bored, even if there is nothing on we want to watch. Many of us are trying to accomplish really interesting things, whether it be learning a new skill, learning a new language, starting to work out, etc.; however, a lot of these things have a much higher start up time than something like watching a TV.

One of the examples shown in the video is working out, which is something many people want to make a habit; however, if you are trying to do something like lifting weights at home, it takes time to change into work out clothes, stretch, get the weights out, etc. This is much more time consuming than something like picking up the TV remote and turning on the TV.

What the 20 second rule tells you to do is make the process you are trying to do (in this case, lifting weights) less time-consuming than the process you are trying to stop (in this case, watching TV). If you can do this, your mind will associate this new process with being the more convenient thing to do, and help you build the habit you want to (rather than the habit you used to always default to). It is a simple rule, but one that is good to hear, especially if you are trying to be more productive with your time!

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