YouTube Channel: Great Big Story

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Great Big Story is a YouTube channel that was launched by CNN in 2015. They have over 2500 videos that they’ve released, with most of the videos ranging anywhere from 2-10 minutes.

Unfortunately, there has been recent news that Great Big Story is being shut down, which means there will not be any new videos being released in the future. CNN tried to make Great Big Story to compete with over news outlets like Vice and Buzzfeed, but I guess it never took off as much as CNN expected.

I am quite surprised by the news that it shut down, as I have friends who also enjoy watching the channel. The videos are both informative and entertaining to watch, and I loved that they were not too long (so you could take a quick break and watch one). Also, the variety of subjects was astounding, as they covered things like Catan, The Accidental Genius (about a man who became a genius after a horrifying accident), Dungeons and Dragons, The World’s Most Expensive Potatoes, etc.

Overall, I learned a lot about random things from Great Big Story, and definitely about subjects I would not have been interested in before. It has helped to expand my learning interests and knowledge base, and I will continue to watch past videos!


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