Best TV Shows to Watch on Rakuten Viki: Tokyo Tarareba Girls

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Tokyo Tarareba Girls is a manga that was recently turned into a TV show. I read multiple reviews saying that while the show was good, it was toned down for TV and that the manga is even better. I find this a bit surprising, as I found the show enjoyable to watch, but maybe one day I will read the manga and see how the story is really written.

The TV show is about 3 girls who have just turned 30 years old, and so far their lives have not lived up to the expectation they set for themselves. While they were growing up and throughout their 20s, they always thought they would get married and have kids, but in reality this is not as easy as they thought it would be. At 30, all three of them are still single, and their careers have been up and down as well.

The story follows the 3 girls throughout their lives, and shows the challenges they consistently face. Although I am not 30 yet, I think it is a very relatable show, as everyone has goals and dreams that they have not been able to accomplish yet. While the show is uplifting and entertaining, it does not try to make the characters seem perfect (the show is about the struggles they face and the tough decisions they have to make).

The show is called Tokyo Tarareba Girls because “tarareba” is supposed to mean hypothetical, which is how the girls often think. At the beginning of the show, a stranger gives them the nickname “tarareba girls” because all they talk about is hypothetical scenarios that describe how great their life should be, but they do not take any action to make it happen. The girls in the show tend to be really positive thinking, while the guys are more sharp and critiquing, so it is a good balance throughout; overall, it was a good show, and I like forward to reading the mangas now!

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