Sports: Dodgers vs. Braves Game 7 (Today on FOX)

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While I know that most people think baseball is a boring sport (and in many cases I agree with this statement), the MLB Playoffs are another story. In my opinion, there is just as much drama, if not more, than a playoff basketball or football game.

Today, game 7 of the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Atlanta Braves series is going to be on at 8:15 PM EST on FOX. For those of you who have not watched a single baseball game this year, this is the one game I would recommend watching. Game 7’s are always crazy because it is do-or-die for both teams, and there is so much at stake in this game for both teams.

Besides the Yankees, the Dodgers are the most famous franchise in baseball, so that alone makes it an exciting matchup. However, it is even more special because the Dodgers have not won the World Series for 31 years (since 1988), which is an incredibly long time for a team this good. Win or lose, as a Dodgers fan I think they have done an exceptional job of fighting this year, although of course winning this game would be even more amazing!

There have been so many sports on recently that I am sure even most sports fans have been feeling a bit overwhelmed; right now though, it is mostly just the MLB and the NFL still on. Regardless of whether you are a baseball or sports fan, you should at least tune in to the last couple of innings in the game, as it should be an incredible matchup! Given COVID-19, it is incredible that these sports are even playing (and going on successfully), and I think we should all take a moment to appreciate all of their efforts.

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