Masterclass to Watch: Stephen Curry (Basketball)

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Steph Curry is one of the most famous basketball players in the world, and he has a Masterclass available. One of the things that makes Steph Curry such a popular basketball player is that he is not super athletic nor super tall, which means that his play style seems replicable.

While there are a bunch of players today in the NBA such as Lebron or Giannis Antetokounmpo who are athletic freaks that most people cannot relate to, Steph Curry is best known for his shooting and dribbling, which are two things that anyone can practice (although they are almost impossible skills to master). This makes it seem more possible to emulate Steph Curry, and why I think it is great that he was the NBA player chosen to give a basketball Masterclass.

While it might seem weird to do a Masterclass on basketball at your home, the class is actually well designed. The course mainly focuses on shooting techniques, shooting drills, and dribbling drills. The shooting and dribbling drills are things that Steph Curry still does today, but at a much higher level than most normal people. However, it is a really good course to learn the fundamentals of basketball, which are important if you ever hope to become a good player yourself. Also, it is good because you can learn something from this class whether you are just starting out, or whether you are already a solid player.

Although this class will not make you Steph Curry, it will make you a better basketball player, and getting to learn from one of the best players in the NBA is a great opportunity!


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