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While watching sports is fun, it is even more fun to watch sports when you have a bet on the game. Unfortunately, this is not possible to do in many parts of the US, including where I am located. However, Fox Sports Super 6 gives a great opportunity for fans to stay engaged when watching sports.

Fox Sports Super 6 is an app that was created by Fox Sports, and the purpose of it is to publicize games and events that are being shown on Fox. This includes baseball games, football games, NASCAR, and even the presidential election debates.

The premise of Fox Sports Super 6 is that you have to pick 6 questions correct, and if you do you have the chance to win prizes ranging from $25,000-1 million. Obviously, the questions are extremely difficult to answer, and it is a lot harder than it sounds (even for the most passionate fans). However, just having the opportunity to win such large amounts of money is an incredible opportunity, and it keeps me much more engaged when watching the events. Similar to playing fantasy football and seeing your players do well/poorly, playing Fox Sports Super 6 gives this same type of adrenaline rush if your picks look like they have a chance to win.

Although you are unlikely to win anything from playing the game, all of the contests are free to enter, so you do not lose anything by entering them. Whether you watch the games or not, you should definitely submit picks on the app to have a chance to win the grand prizes!

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