How Two Restaurants Have Survived Covid-19. So Far. (WSJ)

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There was a recent article on the WSJ titled “How Two Restaurants Have Survived Covid-19. So Far.” that is worth checking out.

The article mainly describes two restaurants, Goosefeather in New York and Hangar B in Massachusetts. While I have not been to either of these restaurants, after reading about them it seems like they are pretty popular restaurants in normal times. You would think this would make it a lot easier for them to survive during a pandemic, and while it has (slightly), they are still losing a ton of money just to stay open during these times.

In the part of the article about Goosefeather, they mention how they have had to shift away from a normally luxury dine-in restaurant to takeout (and now outdoor seating). They have also had to buy cleaning supplies and implement new turnover routines, which means what normally took 30 seconds before now takes 20 minutes or so. Goosefeather is doing all it can to stay afloat, but it has still lost $100,000+ since the pandemic started.

On the other hand, Hangar B is a very popular restaurant by the airport in Massachusetts. It is normally a very popular restaurant, especially during the summer time and spring break; however, it unfortunately lost both of these cycles this year due to COVID. The owner of the restaurant mentions that where should normally seat up to 300 people, she can only serve up to 40 at a time right now. This is not sustainable for the long-run, and it shows the difficulty restaurants are having right now.

Overall, it is a tough time for restaurants right now, and it is sad to hear these stories about even popular restaurants. While there is not much we can do right now about dine-in because of COVID, I think after reading this article you will be inspired to do more takeout from local restaurants!


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