Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix: Kantaro the Sweet Tooth Salaryman

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Kantaro The Sweet Tooth Salaryman is a show on Netflix that is similar to Samurai Gourmet, but instead of meals it focuses on desserts.

It is one of the weirdest shows that I have ever watched, and some of the scenes are just bizarre (but also entertaining). The main character is Kantaro, a salesman who goes to try different dessert places throughout Tokyo during his trips (he is secretly a huge dessert fan). Kantaro is an interesting character because he acts very serious and uptight in front of his coworkers, but when he is enjoying his desserts he turns into a completely different person. You have to watch the show to see Kantaro’s reactions to eating the desserts, but they are all crazy and over the top.

One thing I really enjoyed about Kantaro The Sweet Tooth Salaryman is that all of the dessert places are actual dessert shops within Tokyo. While not all of the desserts will be things you want to try, it is good to know the places are real so that you can actually go to them in Tokyo. For a full list of the locations from the show, you should visit this blog article.

Some of the places that Kantaro visits specialize in dishes like kakigori (Japanese shaved ice), fruit parfait and doriyaki, ohagi, mont blanc, etc. While the show does have an overarching storyline, you do not really have to watch the shows in order. If you do not want to watch the entire thing, you can always choose to watch the episodes with the best looking desserts!


3 responses to “Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix: Kantaro the Sweet Tooth Salaryman”

  1. Loved this show! I hope there’s Season 2. 😀

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    1. Me too! Not sure if it will happen though!

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  2. […] Kantaro the Sweet Tooth Salaryman (A very weird, but funny drama about a normally uptight worker who spends all of his breaks going to dessert shops throughout Tokyo) […]


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