Need More Workspace Privacy? Well, There’s the Ferris Wheel (WSJ)

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Recently, I came across an article in the WSJ about an amusement park taking an interesting approach to dealing with COVID. While COVID is not as bad in Japan as it is in the US, people are still going out less and trying to stay at home whenever possible. This has meant a decline in attendance at entertainment places such as amusement parks.

Yomiuriland is an amusement park in Japan, and they have begun to come up with creative new ideas to help people escape reality for a day. One of their ideas is to allow people to rent out an “office space” at Yomiuriland for $18/day. This allows workers to change the scenery they work at, and not always have to work at home or in your traditional office.

One special perk of renting out the Yomiuriland “office space” is that you get an hour on the Ferris wheel. While on it, they give you a Wifi hotspot, as well as a battery pack that you can do work on. For one hour, you can take a ride on the Ferris wheel and conduct business in one of the gondolas. I think this sounds like such a cool idea, and is a great way to increase attendance during this difficult time period.

While these types of ideas will not single-handedly bring everyone back to amusement parks, every little thing you can do to increase revenue helps nowadays. They are able to make $18/day off of business people who would likely never come to the park otherwise, so I think it is a small win for Yomiuriland runnig this promotion!


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