What are the Most Visited Websites in the World?

Photo Credit: (https://baystreetex.com/index.php/2018/02/21/websites/)

While I normally write about things I recommend, I want to have more variation. I will continue to do recommendations of things I come across, but I also want to post my findings of questions that I have (on any topic). These are not questions unique to myself; however, I have taken the time to research the topics and find out the answers. When I find an article that has been written about the subject, I will simply summarize the findings and direct you to the article (for further investigation).

I was curious about what the top visited websites in the world were, as well as to see how many people visited them per month.

The list that I am using is from an article called the Top 100: The Most Visited Websites in the US [2020 Top Websites Edition]. Overall, the results were about what I was expecting, although I was not sure what the actual numbers would look like. Here is a quick summary of the results I found.

#1 Google (30.9 Billion/Month): This was no surprise to me, as Google is the dominant search engine all around the world. However, I guess I was surprised to see how much more visited Google was than the #2 site (it was a little more than 3x).

#2 YouTube (9.7 Billion/Month): This also was not too surprising to me, as almost everyone I know uses YouTube on a regular basis. It is crazy though that Google owns the top 2 most visited websites in the world.

#3 Facebook (8.4 Billion/Month): Although Facebook has faced a lot of controversy in recent years, it does not seem like it has really affected this business, with over 8.4 billion visits per month.

#4 Amazon (4.5 Billion/Month): Amazon surprised me, as I didn’t think it would be this high up. While almost everyone in the US uses Amazon, it is not quite as popular in the rest of the world, and definitely not as international as some of the other most popular sites.

#5 Wikipedia (4.3 Billion/Month): I thought Wikipedia would be higher than Amazon (although they are very close), as I personally find myself using it a lot more. However, I guess people do more shopping nowadays than research!

Interesting Rankings:

#14 ESPN (806.4 Million/Month): I was interested in seeing where ESPN was, as this is definitely the site that I use the most. For it to be the #14 most visited website in the world shows how important sports is in most people’s lives.

#29 Home Depot (381.6 Million/Month): I found this one super interesting because I have never been to Home Depot’s website before, and I thought it was more of a brick and mortar retailer. I guess their website is also quite big though!

#44 Zoom (271.3 Million/Month): This just shows how popular Zoom has become since COVID-19 changed everything. I would be interested in seeing what this number was before Zoom became what it is this year.

I would definitely check out the list, as I found it very interesting to look through! The ones I listed are just the top 5 and ones I found interesting, but there are 92 other ones that are on the list as well!


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