Best TV Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime Video: Happy Marriage

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After watching May I Blackmail You, the most recent Japanese show I watched was called Happy Marriage on Amazon Prime Video. I picked the show because it stars the main character from May I Blackmail You, Dean Fujioka. It also stars Shirasu Jin from In Time with You as a supporting actor.

The story is about Hokuto Mamiya, the grandson of the head of a major Japanese corporation. Hokuto wants to become the head of the corporation, but to do this he must agree to an arranged marriage of his grandfather’s choosing. His grandfather chooses Chiwa, the granddaughter of one of his former lovers (that he didn’t get to marry), even though she comes from a poor and unstable family.

At first, the arranged marriage starts off poorly, with neither Hokuto nor Chiwa thinking of it as an actual marriage. However, over time they come to get to know each other, and Chiwa begins to support Hokuto in his life and business. Like any other Japanese show, there is a lot of drama and other storylines.

While I do not watch many Japanese shows on Amazon Prime Video (most are either from Rakuten Viki or Netflix), the couple that I have found are really good. They are typically older shows, but they are of similar high quality to most other dramas! I am not sure about other international shows, but I would give the few Japanese shows available on Amazon Prime Video a chance!

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