Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix: The Queen’s Gambit

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If you watch Netflix often, I am sure you have seen The Queen’s Gambit in the Top 10 shows recently. The Queen’s Gambit is a seven part miniseries that was released on Netflix last month, and it has been in the top 10 ever since.

While The Queen’s Gambit may seem like a drama mostly for chess fans, I think it would appeal to a much wider audience. Although The Queen’s Gambit may be even better if you are a really big chess fan or player yourself, even non-chess fans would likely enjoy it. There are games of chess that are played during the series, but these are only a part of the actual drama.

The Queen’s Gambit starts off with Beth Harmon (the main character) living in an orphanage, and runs until she is about 25 years old and near the top of the chess world. Although she is a chess prodigy, the show is more about the triumphs and struggles she had to endure on her way to the top. Although some parts of The Queen’s Gambit may seem a bit slow, I thought the show was really well produced and interesting to watch throughout.

I originally heard about The Queen’s Gambit after I read an article about Garry Kasparov. Kasparov is one of the most famous chess players of all time, and is widely regarded as one of the best also. The article was an interview with him about the role he played in helping to produce the series. In order to make The Queen’s Gambit feel and seem legitimate, he created chess games that would be both interesting to watch and true to the game. I think this helps to make the series feel more authentic, even if I am only an amateur chess player myself.

The series is based on the book “The Queen’s Gambit” by Walter Tevis. I have never read the book, so I cannot comment on how true to the storyline the series is; however, I would be interested in learning if the book or the series is better!


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