The Most Awesome Word List You Have Ever Seen (Fluent Forever)

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Fluent Forever is a language learning website/app. While I do not use the website/app regularly, there is one article that I found that I consider very helpful. The title of the article is “The Most Awesome Word List You Have Ever Seen”. You can check out the full article here.

Basically, the article contains a list of the 625 most commonly used words in any language. While learning a language is not just about knowing certain words, it does help to build a strong vocabulary that you can continue adding to as you learn a language.

The list is just a series of English words (you will have to translate the list using Google Translate or something), but it provides a helpful starting ground of words you should know in any language. From there, you can use a tool like Quizlet to then create 625 flashcards that you can continue to practice with. While it will take a long time to memorize all of the words and be able to use them in an actual conversation, it could be worth the effort in the long run.

The most time consuming part of the process is to translate the words and create flashcards for them individually; however, once you have done this, there is nothing left to focus on besides memorizing them. If you are trying to learn a language, I would definitely recommend checking out the list and giving it a try!


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