Sports: F1 Sakhir Grand Prix (ESPN)

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On Sunday at 12:10 PM EST, there is going to be an F1 race taking place in Bahrain called the Sakhir Grand Prix. However, this race is different from most Grand Prix, and it should be much more entertaining to watch.

First of all, this race is a great one to watch because it is finally at a decent time for Americans. Normally, races happen during the day time in Europe, which means that they take place in the middle of the night for Americans; however, this will be a night race in Bahrain, which means that it will be at a time that should work for most people.

However, the real reason this should be an exciting race is because the race is truly up for grabs. For the past couple of seasons (and especially this year), it has been very likely that Lewis Hamilton is going to win the race. This week though, Lewis Hamilton will not be racing because he contracted COVID-19. I am hoping for Hamilton’s safety and that he does not have any major side effects; however, him not being in the race opens the door for a lot more potential excitement.

Furthermore, George Russell has replaced Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes for this race. George Russell is seen as one of the rising stars in F1, but he has been driving for Williams this year, which has one of the worst cars in all of F1. Most F1 fans are super excited to see how Russell will now do with the best car in F1, myself included.

Since there are so many storylines and so much unpredictability this week, this is the most excited I have been for an F1 Grand Prix this whole season. If you are trying to get into the sport or just have some time to watch TV this weekend, I would definitely recommend watching the Sakhir Grand Prix on ESPN!

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