Best Hong Kong Restaurants: Ho Hung Kee

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Address: Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Hennessy Rd, 500號希慎廣場12F

Shrimp Wonton Noodles are one of my favorite Hong Kong dishes, and they are pretty easy to find all over the city. In Hysan Place (one of my favorite malls in Hong Kong), there is a noodle shop called Ho Hung Kee (it was founded in 1946). It is on the 12th floor of Hysan Place, and it used to be a 1-Michelin starred restaurant. Ho Hung Kee also has a location in the airport terminal if you are ever there and trying to burn some time.

While I do not know if Ho Hung Kee is deserving of a Michelin star (it is really good, but I am not really sure how to differentiate yourself that much from other shrimp wonton noodle restaurants), it is definitely a place worth trying. They also have plenty of other Chinese dishes that you can get as well if you are not a fan of shrimp wonton noodles.

I am sure there are plenty of other local places that have just as good shrimp wonton noodles for a much cheaper place, but since Ho Hung Kee is located in Hysan Place, it was very convenient for me to go to when I was in the city. If you do your research or just walk through places like Mong Kok, this is how you will likely find more authentic places that are less catered to tourists (you may have to read a Chinese menu though!).

I cannot wait to go back to Hong Kong in the future and see all of the newest restaurants that have popped up. If you are ever craving shrimp wonton noodles in Hong Kong though, be sure to go to Causeway Bay or the airport to try Ho Hung Kee!


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