Best Honolulu Restaurants: 3660 on the Rise

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Address: 3660 Waialae Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

3660 on the Rise is a restaurant in Hawaii, and it is considered one of the higher end restaurants on the island. For those familiar with restaurants such as Roy’s and Alan Wong’s (which recently closed down), 3660 on the Rise is a similar type of restaurant.

Recently, like many other restaurants, 3660 on the Rise has been doing some really creative things to try and survive during COVID. They run a ton of daily, weekly, and monthly specials, and they have meals that can serve between 6-8 people. For example, they were doing a Christmas Eve menu, although this has already sold out.

I did takeout from 3660 on the Rise this past week, and they have a great steak/shrimp combo for $25. The portions are generous considering it is $25 (pretty low compared to some of their other dishes) and the quality is great as well. They also have Brown Butter Lobster Wontons with Kahuku Corn as an appetizer, and the sauce is incredible (they are $20 for 3-4 though, so they are by no means cheap).

Overall, 3660 on the Rise has a pretty extensive menu even for takeout, and they are well known for their desserts also. They are open for in-person dining right now, although unfortunately their building does not allow for outdoor dining. If you are looking for a higher-end sit down place to go to in Honolulu though, 3660 on the Rise is one of the best!


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