The Office Favorite Episodes: Season 9 Episodes 21-22-23

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I wrote about the brilliance of The Office in a previous post, but I would like to go into a bit more detail about some of my favorite episodes. In total, there are 188 episodes of The Office; I plan on sharing about 10-15 of the best episodes out of these 188.

Many people think that The Office started to decline after Season 7 when Michael Scott left the show. Michael Scott is one of the most popular TV characters of all time, so it is understandable that the show would start to dip a bit. However, I actually think that the show was still quite good after he left, and that his presence not being there helped to build out the storylines of the rest of the characters in The Office.

Also, I think that for people who made it to the end of the show, there is no way that you could be disappointed by the final episodes. In season 9, episodes 21, 22, and 23 are extended to 40+ minutes (most Office episodes are only 20 minutes or so) because these are the final 3 of the series. These episodes do a great job of wrapping up the series by mixing the past and present of The Office.

Episode 23 in particular is one of the best TV episodes of all time. For those who made it through some/most of The Office (but couldn’t quite bring yourself to the finish), you at least have to watch Episode 23. It has some of the most emotional scenes in the entire series, while also wrapping up all the character arcs. Also, unlike many other TV show finales, there are no cliffhangers or unresolved storylines.

If you are trying to decide which episodes of The Office you want to rewatch on Netflix before it leaves for Peacock, definitely start from the last 3!

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