Best TV Shows to Watch on Netflix: Alice In Borderland

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If you watch Netflix a lot, you may have seen a show called Alice in Borderland pop up on your recommended shows recently. It came out on Netflix on December 10th, and it had been popping up on my explore ever since.

Alice in Borderland is based on a Japanese manga, and I thought it was a super interesting show. It is definitely different from the normal Japanese shows I watch, but in a good way. Apparently, a lot of people compare Alice in Borderland to a former Japanese film called Battle Royale, which came out in 2000. While I have never seen the movie, an American comparison for Alice in Borderland would be Hunger Games.

Alice in Borderland is definitely not a show for everyone, as it is both dark and extremely violent. Especially in the last 2 episodes, there is a ton of killing and carnage. The show mainly revolves around a character named Arisu, who with some of his friends have been transported to another world. They are not exactly sure how this was done, or why it was done, but they soon meet other people who have had the same experience. Once they are in the world though, they have to compete games that involve life/death scenarios, and if they can beat the games they get their visas extended (if time on your visa runs out, you die in this world). Over time, these challenges get more and more difficult, and the scope of characters expands as well.

You can determine whether this will be a show you will enjoy by the 1st episode, but it does continue to get more intense as the series progresses. Alice in Borderland has been in the top 10 in most Asian countries Netflix operates in, as well as a couple of European countries such as Germany and France. Also, there has already been confirmation that there will be a second season of the show being produced in the future; this shows that the show is popular enough to have been green-lit after only 2 weeks. Overall, while the style of this show is not for everyone, I really enjoyed it and found it very interesting!

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