Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: Peking Tavern

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Address: 806 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Peking Tavern is a Chinese gastropub located in downtown Los Angeles, and I thought it had some great dishes. I believe one of the founders went to architecture school as well, so the interior is very modern looking and well designed.

I last went there a couple of years ago, so the menu may have changed since then. However, when I went they had a lot of small dishes that were really good for sharing. Some of the dishes I remember the most include their dumplings, dim sum dishes, and beef roll. While it is more of a Chinese fusion restaurant than a traditional Chinese restaurant, I thought it was still really good (even if you are a traditionalist).

Unfortunately, the location is not the best, as it is located in downtown Los Angeles. It can be really difficult to find parking, and some of the surrounding areas can be a little bit sketchy if you are eating at night. It is also a bit difficult to find, as it is located in the bottom of a building, below ground level. Still, I think a lot of these issues are mitigated if you do takeout, or if you are familiar with the surrounding area.

As you can see in the picture above, Peking Tavern does have a wide selection of dishes. I don’t really remember Peking Tavern having any weak dishes, and the owners were very friendly when I dined in. If you are ever looking for Chinese food in Los Angeles, or just looking for a cool place to dine in (once COVID is done), Peking Tavern is a great choice!

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