Best Movies to Watch on Disney+: Soul

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Soul is the latest movie that Pixar has released, and it is now available to watch on Disney+. Pixar is known for almost all of its’ movies having great stories and incredible animation, and Soul is no exception. Although it is a shame that you have to watch it on a TV instead of the big movie screen that it was made for, it is also great that you can watch from the convenience of your own home.

Soul is about a struggling music teacher who is trying to find his place in the world. The main character, Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), believes that he can make it as a professional musician; however, those around him, mainly his mother, think that he should take a comfortable, more stable full-time job of teaching music. It is this dilemma that is giving Joe a difficult time.

Right when Joe reaches a crossroad in his career though, he falls into another world where he meets spirits who have yet to come to Earth. These spirits need to find their reason passion before coming to Earth, but there is one spirit named 22 (Tina Fey) who hasn’t been able to find it for centuries. Joe becomes her mentor in this world, and they are able to find themselves and appreciate the beauty of the world together.

Overall, the movie is classic Pixar, with a lot of symbolism and deeper meanings throughout. The writers and directors of the movie are great at using the characters to represent something bigger than themselves. Pixar may have changed a bit from their origins of movies like Toy Story, but all of their recent movies have been great as well. If you have Disney+, I would definitely recommend dedicating a couple of hours to watching Soul!

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