Best Restaurants in Honolulu: I-naba

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Address: 1610 S King St # A, Honolulu, HI 96826

Soba and tempura are two of my favorite foods individually, and together they make for my favorite meal combination. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to find really good soba and tempura in Hawaii, and there is nothing I have found yet that can compare to Japan.

However, the closest thing I have found to Japan in terms of quality is I-naba. According to I-naba’s website, all of their ingredients are shipped directly from Japan. This includes buckwheat flour from Shinshu, unagi from Shizuoka, etc. This helps to make their food taste as authentic as possible.

You can check out I-naba’s full menu here. I-naba has some really good combos with tempura and soba, but they also have speciality sobas such as their curry soba, duck nanban soba, etc. They also have traditional appetizers such as tamagoyaki, kakuni, etc. Even if you do not like soba, I-naba also gives an option to choose udon instead.

If you are like me and really enjoy eating fresh soba, I-naba is one of the best options that you can find in Hawaii. They have two locations, one in Honolulu and one called i-naba Hanalei’i (it just opened, and it has their traditional soba and tempura dishes, as well as teppanyaki). They are also supposed to open a location soon in Hawaii Kai!


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