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Due to COVID and everything being stay-at-home, most activities have gone virtual. While this is good in some regards, it has been terrible on most people’s eyes. Having to constantly look at screens (whether it is for work, school, or entertainment) is really tiring and straining on your eyes.

While I do not know if this is actually true or not, I am guessing that sales for glasses have increased since COVID started. I used to have good eyes, but after having to look at so many electronic devices, my eyes have started to deteriorate. While they are not terrible, I sometimes need to wear light prescription glasses if it is at night.

I had no previous experience having to buy prescription glasses, so it was a new experience for me. However, one company I did know of beforehand was Warby Parker, as I had listened to the founders in a How I Built This podcast episode. Warby Parker is quickly becoming one of the most popular glasses retailers in the world, as most of its sales are conducted online (although they do have a couple of physical stores as well).

I think Warby Parker has become popular for several reasons. First of all, they allow you to test out up to 5 frames at a time (and you just send back any of the ones you do not like). They also have an app that allows you to virtually test out glasses from your phone, which is a really handy feature. Also, their frames and lenses are cheaper than most other places, while also allowing for a lot of customization and selection. Warby Parker has become like the Amazon for glasses, and I think that this convenience has helped build Warby Parker into what it is today.

If you need some glasses and do not want to buy them at a traditional physical retailer, I would highly recommend checking out Warby Parker’s website!


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