TV Shows: IQ246

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IQ246 is another Japanese show based on Sherlock Holmes. IQ246 has one of the most stacked cast of popular Japanese actors/actresses of any of the shows I have watched, and the cast was a big reason I chose to watch the show.

The main character, Sharaku Homonji (Japanese version of Sherlock Holmes) is played by Yuji Oda, who was the main actor in the drama Suits Japan; Soko Wato (Watson, Sherlock’s sidekick), is played by Tao Tsuchiya, who is one of the main characters in Alice in Borderland; finally, Kensei (he is Sherlock’s butler), is played by Dean Fujioka, who was the main character in both May I Blackmail You and Happy Marriage. Having these 3 in the same drama is the main reason I was so interested in IQ246.

At first, the character of Sharaku Homonji seems really strange. Although most Sherlock characters have some personality quirks, Homonji takes it to another level. It almost seems forced, although it did become more convincing as the show went on. Also, the episodes are oftentimes a bit predictable, with only a couple of details needing to be solved in each case. While I wouldn’t consider this one of the best versions of Sherlock Holmes, I still found the show entertaining and worth watching.

If you are a mystery drama fan and have already enjoyed watching other Japanese shows such as “Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa” and “Miss Sherlock“, I think IQ246 is another good one to watch!


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