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Sadly, the NFL regular season has come to an end. While this is good in one sense because it means the playoffs are starting, it is also sad because it means that fantasy football season is over. Fantasy football takes a lot of importance from August to December for sports fans, so it is a bit weird when we do not have it.

The one last thing I did for the 2020 fantasy football season was to play Fantasy Pro’s “Fantasy Football Perfect Draft Challenge“. You can visit the link here.

Basically, the Perfect Draft Challenge allows you to go back to as if you were drafting at the beginning of the regular season. It then does a draft based on this time period, except you are the only one who knows what happened during the actual NFL season (you are competing against computers who represent people who were drafting at the beginning of the year). This means in theory, you should be able to draft almost the perfect team. You can choose whatever draft spot you want, and you can replay the challenge as many times as you want.

I thought it was a really fun exercise just to recap the fantasy football season once more, and I took the challenge several times. You are also competing vs other players who have constructed their own “perfect drafts”, and at the end the website will tally how many points your team would have scored during the year. It is really addicting, and I did it until I got into the top 10 (I don’t know if I am still ranked there though). If you played fantasy football this year though, I would definitely recommend playing the Perfect Draft Challenge at least once!

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