Best TV Shows on Netflix: Erased

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Erased is a drama on Netflix that I really enjoyed watching.

Erased is a great show because it has a lot of different elements going on throughout the show. The main storyline in the drama involves the main character, Satoru (Yuki Furukawa), going back in time to stop incidents that have happened in his past. Satoru keeps going back in time until he is able to stop incidents that have occurred, and the main one he is trying to stop is his mother getting murdered.

When he goes back to try and stop his mother from getting murdered though, he goes back to being a young kid (around 10 or so). He figures out along the way though that there are a lot of other strange events that happened at that time (and tries to investigate these as well).

Usually, I find time travel dramas hit or miss, depending on how easy the storylines are to follow. Even though there are a lot of things going on in Erased and it often travels back and forth between the past and present, everything makes sense and is well explained. However, there is still a lot of mystery, and it keeps you guessing until the very end.

Apparently, Erased is based on a very popular manga series, and many reviews say that it does a good job of keeping in line with the original. You can read a full review from a fan of the manga series here if you are interested.


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