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The 2021 Australian Open is starting in less than 3 weeks, and it is the first major tennis tournament of the year. While they are having some issues with COVID from the players who have already come to Australia (and also dealing with some bad publicity), I fully expect the tournament to start on time.

Since I am excited for the tournament, I have seen a lot more Tennis TV YouTube videos pop up on my YouTube recommended. Tennis TV is one of the official TV channels for the ATP Tour, and they have a ton of content available on their YouTube channel. In addition to having a bunch of highlights from past tournaments, they are constantly adding new content and interviews as well.

Some of my favorite videos from the Tennis TV channel that have popped up recently have been topics such as “ATP Stars Pick One Player to Win One Set to Save Their Life”, “ATP Tennis Players Make One Bold Prediction for 2021”, and “ATP Players Reveal Their Best Friends on Tour!”. While most lot of the answers are inevitably Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic, it is still interesting to hear the perspective of all the players on the ATP Tour. Also, it shows a lot of their personalities, and if they have any unique insights about other players.

Tennis TV YouTube Channel is definitely something any tennis fan should watch, and with the season starting there is sure to be a ton of new content being produced!

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