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Tiger Woods is the most famous golfer to ever live, and possibly the best golfer as well. In a previous post, I wrote about a podcast called All-American Tiger Woods. All-American Tiger Woods was a podcast written and produced by Stitcher, and it tried to uncover the true story of Tiger Woods the person (as opposed to the story always told by the media). Also, All-American Tiger Woods focused a lot on Tiger’s race, and how he was portrayed within the African American community.

HBO recently released a two-part documentary about Tiger Woods, and it is simply called Tiger. It is available to watch on HBO Max, and the two parts combined are about 3 hours in total. The documentary takes a look at Tiger from his birth all the way up until his recent win at the Masters in 2019. While the documentary does not have any interview footage with Tiger Woods (apart from a little clip at the end), it does have plenty of interviews with Tiger Wood’s former friends, caddies, and past acquaintances.

The first episode is mostly about Earl Woods, who is Tiger Woods’ father. Earl played a huge role in Tiger’s life, and is probably the person most responsible for shaping Tiger into who he is today. Since Tiger was born, Earl pretty much always planned on making Tiger a professional golfer. From a young age, Earl was always trying to execute on his master plan, even at the expense of Tiger’s own personal life and development.

The second episode goes more into detail about the horrible decline of Tiger Woods, mostly involving details about his affairs and legal troubles. The documentary even interviews some of Tiger’s former mistresses and people who worked at the Las Vegas clubs that Tiger frequented. While these people may simply be trying to garner attention for themselves, it was also sad to see how many lives Tiger’s scandals affected.

However, the end of Tiger does end on a more positive note, focusing on his incredible comeback from injuries. Tiger winning the 2019 Masters will always be one of the great comeback stories of all time, and even if he never wins another tournament, his legacy is secure. Tiger is an interesting watch and I would recommend it for sports and golf fans!

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