Best TV Shows on Netflix: Lupin

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Although I typically only watch Japanese and American TV shows, I was very intrigued by the new Netflix show Lupin. I was interested in watching the show for several reasons; first of all, the main actor is Omar Sy. I have only seen one other French TV show/movie in my life, and that was The Intouchables. I really enjoyed that movie, and Omar Sy was the main star in that as well. Additionally, I was interested in the show because it sounded a lot like a French version of Sherlock Holmes (except the main character is a thief instead of a detective).

Even though Sy plays a thief in Lupin, he is one of the most likable thieves around. He has so much charisma, and he does not just steal to steal; instead, there is a backstory to why he does everything he does.

I thought another thing that was great about Lupin is that he is just a regular person. Apart from the fact that he has really quick hands and the ability to steal almost anything he wants, the rest of his tricks are just well thought out plans. These plans are either preplanned or improvised, but everything in the show seems realistic. Lupin does have some computer skills, but he doesn’t have any fancy technology to assist him in his heists.

There is both a version with subtitles as well as a version where English has been dubbed in, so you can choose whichever one interests you more. I personally watched the subtitles version, but I know a lot of people don’t like to have to read subtitles when they watch a show. Overall though, Lupin was an incredibly well produced series, and one I really enjoyed watching. It is also only 5 episodes of 40 minutes, so you could easily binge watch the entire thing in one day!

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