Best Honolulu Restaurants: Akira

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Address: 1150 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96814

Akira is a Japanese restaurant in Hawaii, and it has a really diverse menu of items. Unfortunately, right now they are only doing takeout, so they do not have their usual full menu. Still, they seem to have adjusted well, and all of their takeout dishes are typically good.

One thing I really like about Akira is that they use snow crab instead of imitation crab in their dishes. While this does make things like California Rolls a bit more expensive, I think it is worth the price. Most places in Honolulu only using imitation crab, so when I find a place that uses actual crab, I really enjoy it.

Akira normally has a lot of sushi options when they are open for dine-in, but I think it has become a bit more limited for takeout. Still, they do have a chirashi that looked good, and it comes with maguro, salmon, yellowtail, uni, ikura, and crab. These are typically higher end items, but the takeout chirashi is still reasonably priced.

Akira is in a sort of weird location, as it is at the bottom of a building that mostly has medical and dental offices. This makes it very convenient if you have an appointment there, but a bit inconvenient if you do not. Still, it is located in town, so if you are in the area you should definitely try out one of their many bento boxes!


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