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I took a 23andMe test recently, and I found the results very interesting. 23andMe has several options that you can buy. The two most popular are the Ancestry Test, and the Ancestry+Health Test.

The Ancestry Test costs $99, and it gives you feedback about your genetic composition. It can identify up to 2000 different geographic regions, and also match you with family members (close and distant) who have also taken the test. This is the most basic version of the test, and it is good for people who are interested in learning more about their ancestral heritage, or those who do not have a well defined family history.

The Ancestry+Health Test costs $199, and it gives you the same ancestry test that I mentioned previously. For $100 extra, you also get health reports about yourself. There are 60 or so health reports, and these things include information about your health predisposition, wellness, and carrier status. This is the one I did, and I thought it was a great way to learn more about my health (and also how my health may be in the future).

If you look around online, there are a lot of discounts offered for 23andMe. 23andMe is also big on offering discounts on holidays such as Black Friday and Prime Day, so if you want to wait until then you can likely get a better deal. You can also get special offers if you buy multiple tests. Finally, for students with a valid school email, you also have the option to get a big discount. With the discount, the Ancestry Test is $79, while the Ancestry+Health Test is $99. This is a huge saving on the Ancestry+Health Test, and I would highly recommend it if you qualify for it!

The process only takes about 3-4 weeks or so, and it is really easy for anyone to complete. The only thing I would worry about in taking a test like this is if you do not want to give someone this information for personal reasons (if you are worried about this though, you can always just use only initials and limit the amount of personal information you are giving!)

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