Best Japanese TV Shows to Watch: Kiss that Kills

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Kiss that Kills is one of the most popular Japanese TV shows, and I always see it recommended in articles when trying to find new Japanese shows to watch. I tried watching it a long time ago, but I didn’t really like the show (I thought the show was kind of repetitive and didn’t really understand the appeal). However, at that time I only watched half of the first episode, so I just did not get enough of a feel for the show.

Once you get past the first episode of the show, you can start to see why the show is structured as it is. The story also continues to develop, and all of the things that made no sense at the beginning start to fall into place.

Kiss that Kills is based on an interesting premise; basically, the main character is named Eight, and he keeps getting kissed by a girl named Saiko. Each time she kisses him, he gets killed, but he ends up waking up one week before he got kissed (he travels back in time). That is really the only part of the show that I can say without giving any spoilers, so you will have to watch the rest of the show to find out what really happens.

Kiss that Kills stars Kento Yamazaki, who was also the main actor in The Good Doctor and Alice in Borderland. This means that he has now been the lead in 3 shows I really enjoyed watching, so I would consider him my favorite Japanese actor. It also has a bunch of other actors/actresses that I have seen in other Japanese dramas, and I think the casting was pretty strong.

There is a reason that Kiss that Kills is one of the most popular and recommended Japanese shows, and I would definitely watch it if you haven’t yet!

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