The Best Movies to Watch

I thought it would be good to compile a list of all of my previous recommendations for movies to watch. I will continue to add to this list as I add more movies, but it is just an easy, condensed way to view all of my recommendations. Also, it is a good way to review any movies that you might have missed along the way.

If you are curious about knowing in more detail about a certain restaurant, just click on the hyper-link to view my full recommendation.

I hope this list is useful to refer to as a guide, and I hope you can watch all of these movies!


Free Solo (An incredible documentary about climber Alex Honnold and his journey to free climb El Capitan in Yosemite)

Hamilton (A recording of the super popular Broadway show based on Alexander Hamilton’s life)

Togo (An inspiring movie about the true story of a dog named Togo and his owner Leonhard Seppala)

Soul (The newest Pixar movie that is now available to stream on Disney+, Soul is about an aspiring musician trying to find himself in life)

Safety (Another inspiring movie about the journey of former Clemson football player Ray Ray McElrathbey, who had to balance taking in his younger brother while also playing for Clemson)


Senna (A documentary about the legendary F1 driver Aryton Senna, who tragically died in a race but is considered one of the best drivers of all time)

Enola Holmes (A take on the popular Sherlock Holmes series, except the main heroine is Enola Holmes, who is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes)

Blackpink: Light up the Sky (An inside look at the ultra popular K-pop group Blackpink and their rise to fame)

Amazon Prime Video:

One Night in Miami (A fictional account of a rumored meeting in Miami between Malcolm X, Muhammed Ali, Jim Brown, and Sam Cooke)


One response to “The Best Movies to Watch”

  1. how did the blackpink documentary make it to this list sir?


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