Best Japanese TV Shows to Watch: 99.9 Criminal Lawyer

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99.9 Criminal Lawyer is a Japanese legal show similar to Suits Japan. The show is called 99.9 Criminal Lawyer because Japan is notorious for having a 99.9% conviction rate for crimes, as only cases that are likely to be won are brought to court.

99.9 Criminal Lawyer stars Jun Matsumoto, who is one of the members of the super famous Japanese music group Arashi. Although I had heard of Arashi before, I had never actually listened to any of their songs before. Also, I did not know any of their members, so I was not familiar that Matsumoto was one of them. Matsumoto is also famous for being in the show Hana Yori Dango, which was one of the most popular Japanese TV shows during the 2000s. I thought Matsumoto was a great actor in 99.9 Criminal Lawyer, and it inspired me to start watching the Netflix documentary “Arashi Diary Voyage” as well.

In addition to Matsumoto though, the rest of the cast in 99.9 Criminal Lawyer are also very entertaining. Each of the characters have their unique personalities and roles, and they go together very well. Each of the episodes is a combination of a mystery/detective show with a legal show, so it would be good for fans of both categories. Although it is somewhat similar to Suits Japan, it also has some similarities with Criminologist Himura and Mystery Writer Arisugawa.

Matsumoto is one of the most talented people in the Japanese entertainment industry, and I am really glad watching 99.9 Criminal Lawyer introduced me to him. I would highly recommend you check out Arashi’s music and documentary if you are interested as well!


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