Best Shoes to Buy: Allbirds

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I have been curious to try out the shoe brand Allbirds, and they have become one of the fastest growing shoe companies for several reasons. I first heard about Allbirds in a podcast, in which one of the founders talked about how the brand was started and what his mission was.

Allbirds is famous as a shoe company because of its commitment to sustainability. While other brands like Nike have recently pledged to try and become more sustainable, for Allbirds it is one of their defining characteristics. Allbirds is a 100% carbon neutral company, and they are striving to improve their sustainability even more. Allbirds also tries to use environmentally sustainable materials in both its products and its packaging. You can read more about its commitment and process on the Allbirds’ website.

In addition to sustainability though, Allbirds is also known to have some of the most comfortable pairs of shoes around. The “Wool Runner” is the version of the shoe that originally gained Allbirds notoriety, but they have expanded into other versions as well. I personally have a version called the “Tree Dasher“, which is more of a sports shoe. It is made more for running than just typical life, and I find the Tree Dashers extremely comfortable. They are also flexible, as I am able to easily fit an ankle brace on even while wearing the shoe.

Although I cannot remember the podcast that I listened to originally talking about Allbirds, hearing the founder talk always made Allbirds stick at the back of my mind. The founder of Allbirds I listened to speak was named Tim Brown, and he is a former New Zealand soccer player. New Zealand is well known to be one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world, and Brown definitely lived up to this ideal when creating Allbirds. I would highly recommend you read more to learn about the Allbirds story, and also begin to consider their shoes rather than just always defaulting to brands like Nike and Adidas.


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